VIDEO: Watch Yanks Have Their Minds Blown By Highway 16

‘We had no idea how breathtaking this area of the world could be.’

There’s a lot of moments of unintentional comedy in a new webseries about Highway 16 created by the Ohio-based motorcycle parts and accessories company Lowbrow Customs. For example, when motorcyclists from the US first fly into Prince George last fall they wonder if anybody actually lives in this part of the world. 

“So remote, and so desolate,” says Kat Arnold in Episode 1 of the series, which you can watch for free on YouTube. “You couldn’t even tell, like, are there any roads down there? Are there any like cities or little towns? We just saw wilderness.” 

“When I think of British Columbia, I think of Vancouver,” says another.

After traversing Highway 16 all the way to Prince Rupert, though, the American motorcyclists come to appreciate what makes Northern B.C. so special. “We had no idea how breathtaking this area of the world could be,” reads a blog post from Lowbrow Customs. 

Written by The Skeena

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