‘It Makes Me Feel Very Proud’: An Interview With a Gitxsan Language Teacher

Jessica Starlund on the importance of preserving Indigenous languages.

Interview with Jessica Starlund

This is an interview 14-year-old Noah Beaton and his 12-year-old brother Ezra recently completed with Gitxsan language teacher Jessica Starlund.

In the video, Starlund explains why she loves teaching the Gitxsan language to people from age 5 up to 13. She sums it up, “It makes me feel very proud.”

In Noah’s words: “Erza and I packed up the gear, and rode our bikes down. I did the editing on my iPad, with just a tiny bit of help.” 

Noah adds: “Thank you to Jessica Starlund for her time!”

This was Noah and Ezra’s first time interviewing for Skeena Strong. We think their hard work deserves recognition!

Written by Noah Beaton

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