Check Out The Stunning Wedding Photography Of Smithers’ Helengrey Dobrenski

She predicts 2021 will be ‘a very busy but beautiful wedding season.’

It seems hard to plan for things a week for now, let alone next year. But the uncertainty we’re all feeling about COVID and the state of the world doesn’t seem to be preventing people in the Skeena from thinking about marriage. 

“I am now booking weddings for 2022!” reads a recent Instagram post from Helengrey Dobrenski, a well-known wedding photographer based in Smithers. “I feel so blessed for all of my 2021 brides and inquiries. It will be a very busy but beautiful wedding season! Time seems to be flying by.”

It’s not hard to see why people would be drawn to the photography of Dobrenski, who is originally from Texas but relocated to Smithers with her family to “escape the hot Texas summers.” Dobrenski says that when she photographs people in the area, she loves “using the radiant sun, bright airy spaces, glorious mountains, and long grassy fields as backdrops in my sessions.” 

She also loves how pretty the Skeena gets in the winter, which is maybe not surprising considering she grew up in the U.S. Southwest. “Since the snow is already on its way here in Smithers, I thought I would share this magical photo,” she wrote in a recent post.

Check out her work here, and vicariously enjoy some of the more epic weddings to take place in the Skeena.   

Written by The Skeena

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