Skeena MP Launches Petition Against Alberta MPs’ Attempt to Kill Tanker Ban

Pro-tanker bill unlikely to pass but Bachrach isn’t taking chances.

[This story originally appeared on The North Coast Review, a blog based in Prince Rupert that contains “items of interest to those living on the North Coast of BC.”]

The prospect of even the threat of a potential reversal on the oil tanker moratorium in place on the North Coast has sent Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach to launch an online petition, designed to galvanize the support he believes remains in place towards the restrictions on oil shipments in the region.

Mr. Bachrach’s radar went on alert with the introduction of an Alberta Conservative MP’s Private Members’ Bill, which looks to repeal those restrictions that were put in place with Bill C-48 which was passed last year.

Bill C-229 was re-introduced to the House of Commons last week by Edmonton-Centre MP James Cumming, who has referred to the moratorium as an attack on the province of Alberta’s resource sector.

The prospect of the Edmonton MP’s Private Member’s bill making its way to passage would seem slim, considering the lack of success that such initiatives traditionally have had, along with the current status of the minority Liberal government which relies on opposition support to remain in place. 

Still, Mr. Bachrach is taking no chances it seems, launching a petition drive on Tuesday, asking those who share his views to come and defend the coast.

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