VIDEO: UK Music Group Releases Song Dedicated To Victims Of ‘Highway Of Tears’

The members of Bellacoola are originally from BC.

They may currently be based in the United Kingdom, but the members of the musical group Bellacoola are originally from B.C.–as you may have guessed from their band name. 

Last week, Bellacoola released a song paying homage to their B.C. roots called “Highway of Tears.” The song, and an accompanying video, is about “the many murders and disappearances that’ve taken place along that road.” 

“The majority of the victims are indigenous women,” the band writes. “Most of the cases are unresolved and families are left without answers to the disappearances of their loved ones. This song is dedicated to the victims and those still fighting for justice.”

Check out the powerful music video here.

Written by The Skeena

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  1. Touches the heart, this highway is by my hometown. Sadly nothing was taken seriously until far too many were killed. A disgrace, a total disgrace….if it were quite women like myself they would have paid attention from day 1

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