‘I’m A Romantic’: Take A Peek Inside The Studio Of Haida Carver Corey Bulpitt

The Rupert-born artist is being celebrated by Art Toronto.

Corey Bullpitt describes himself as “a romantic.” The Prince Rupert-born artist and carver says “I just want to see Haida old-style culture.” From the Naikun Raven clan, his Haida name Taakeit Aaya translates to “Gifted Carver,” and it’s not hard to see why in this new video featuring a fascinating peek inside his studio. 

“He is the great-great grandson of famed artist Charles Edenshaw (1839-1920) and prolific argillite carver Louis Collison (1881-1970),” explains Art Toronto, which is featuring Bulpitt as part of Canada’s Art Fair. 

“Bulpitt is an avid painter, jeweller, and wood and argillite carver who has enjoyed exploring many different mediums such as spray paint, which he used to create large-scale paintings involving urban youth in Vancouver,” it adds.

Check out the video here

Written by The Skeena

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