Watch This Baby BC Hummingbird Get Rescued From A Scary Situation

‘Might be hard to watch but ends well.’

Earlier this year a man in Victoria named Ian Taylor decided to set up a live-cam on a hummingbird nest in his yard. His goal, he said at the time, was to spread some joy in people’s lives after living through such a tough year with the pandemic. 

He didn’t anticipate that the live-cam would capture one of the chicks struggling to survive. “Might be hard to watch but ends well,” reads a video he posted online of the incident. 

Things start to go wrong when one of the chicks gets its tongue caught on a spider web. It thrashes around for several minutes in obvious discomfort and not even its mother can help. But luckily Taylor was there to lend a helping hand and remove the spiderweb. 

“The chicks are doing great!” he writes. Watch the video here

Written by The Skeena

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