Experience The Skeena River In All Its Glory With This Majestic Drone Vid

Vid was shot by renewable energy and clothing company.

Maybe you don’t need another reminder of how amazing the Skeena is. But we promise that this new drone video from the Step3Project manages to crank up the majestic factor even higher.

Featuring soaring orchestral music, the video includes footage of the Skeena River and a container train west of Terrace. But it’s not just the video that’s worth checking out. The organization that made it is also interesting.

Step3Project was founded by Tristan Walker in 2018, a Terrace local who loves the outdoors but is also deeply worried about the Skeena’s “receding glaciers, dwindling fish populations, and exposure to landscape scarring.” 

His foundation sells t-shirts and other apparel and uses the proceeds to help fund sustainable energy projects, such as installing solar panels at Caledonia Senior Secondary in Terrace. 

“It’s the way I think our world should start to lean, and we should start to strive to move further down that road of trying to be completely sustainable and not have to take things out of the earth to sustain ourselves,” Walker says

Written by The Skeena

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