Incredible Rare Drone Footage Of A Skeena Kermode Bear

We’re floored.

If you hang around outdoors long enough in the Skeena you’re bound to see something special. 

That’s what happened recently to Scoopeddad Drone, a local drone operator whose videos we’ve featured often on Skeena Strong. 

“On the way out of the mountains we came across this beautiful KERMODE BEAR,” he writes. “We watched for over 20 minutes. The bear had no worries. The video doesn’t do justice as he was a big bear.”

In the drone footage that he shot, the bear moves lazily but confidently along some railway tracks. “This bear must have been around the tracks for a long time because each step he takes a paw is on a railway tie,” Scoopeddad Drone writes. 

“Amazing! This may be a one-of-a-kind drone video of a Spirit bear!!!” writes one commenter. 

Written by The Skeena

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