This Is What The Skeena River Flooding Looked Like From A Helicopter

Heavy rain and melting snow caused the flooding.

A series of evacuation orders was issued last week for residents along the Skeena River due to high water levels caused in part by heavy rain and melting snow. 

Yellowhead Helicopters was on the scene to assist stranded community members, and it filmed some aerial footage of the flooding. 

“After finishing call-outs with Terrace SAR members to rescue stranded New Remo residents, I got the bird’s eye view with Jeff of the flooding to the west of Terrace, affecting Old Remo and New Remo,” a video of the flooding explains. “New Remo can be seen on the right as we cruise down the Skeena. Old Remo then appears on the left; we circled then climbed to 3,000 ft for our second circle of Old Remo before returning up the river to the hangar.”

The RCMP put out a release saying a 73-year-old man was found dead in a flooded Old Remo basement but haven’t yet made public more details. 

So far the evacuation notices have not been ended but water levels are dropping

Written by The Skeena

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