Oh That’s Good’: Watch This Dude Get A Big Crab Haul In Rupert

Youtube adventurer Dustin Porter really loves the Skeena.

Dustin Porter has been touring the Skeena and loving it. The host of the popular Youtube channel Destination Adventure recently visited an abandoned hot springs resort near Terrace, which Skeena Strong covered last week

And his latest adventure involves some crabbing in Prince Rupert. Spoiler alert: Porter pulls in a huge haul of local Dungeness. “Oh that’s good!” he exclaims after biting into one. “I have had crab for dinner four times now and I am a happy boy.” 

Porter’s time in the Skeena is coming to an end and he doesn’t want to leave.

“All the crab aside, it is so beautiful here,” he writes. “Everywhere I explore, and everywhere i look it is nothing but beauty. The wildlife is abundant and the people are generous. It’s not often I feel as welcomed to a community as I do here in Prince Rupert.”
Check out the crabbing video here. And watch other installments of his Skeena trip here.    

Written by The Skeena

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