Meet The Nisga’a Mountain Biker Running A Popular Terrace Bike Repair Shop

‘My true passion is mountain biking.’

Rob Davis wishes Skeena kids would spend less time behind a phone or computer screen and more time out in nature on a bike. He wants them to become as passionate about mountain biking as he is. 

“My true passion is mountain biking, I love mountain biking,” says Davis, who runs R.E.D. Cycles with his wife Erika. “It’s just you and your heart rate and the trees, if your bike’s dialed you don’t have to worry about the machine, you just worry about your fun.”

Davis was born in Vancouver and now lives in the Skeena. “My mom’s Nisga’a, so I’m Nisga’a,” he says in a new video shot and edited by Doug Swank
R.E.D. Cycles is a “friendly neighbourhood bicycle shop” based in Terrace. Davis calls it “an extension of myself, it’s love and it’s passion.” Check out the rest of the interview here.

Written by The Skeena

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