A Sad But Beautiful Video Of The Memorial Ride For Bullied Skeena Teen

‘Let’s all try and treat others with kindness.’

Last week grieving friends, family and community members held a motorbike memorial for Diversity Morgan, a Skeena teen who took his life after being bullied. 

One of the organizers filmed a video of the ride and posted it to Youtube. “Let’s all take a moment to think about the feelings of other people,” he wrote. “Sometimes people are hurting in ways we can’t see. Let’s all try and treat others with kindness. There is no place in this world for intolerance and bullying.”

“A lovely tribute to a lovely young person, gone too soon. My condolences on your loss, bullying needs to be stopped!” wrote one commenter. 

“This ride touched Bullying, gender-identity, native culture, child & family, community, schools, government, politics, and our social structure,” wrote Jim Manson. “But this is NOT a protest ride. This was a ride to honour the life, family, and culture of a child grievously lost too soon.”

Written by The Skeena

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