‘This Is A Nice Find’: Watch This Guy Look For ‘Chicken Of The Woods’ Near Kitimat

The edible fungus is known for its meaty texture.

Source: Bruni Family TV Youtube Channel

We in the Skeena are lucky to live in one of the best places for local food in the entire world. And people who forage for fungus know that especially well. 

“There’s some stuff there, ready to eat,” Josh Bruni says in a new point-of-view video filmed on his phone showing him searching in the woods near Kitimat for an edible fungus known as “chicken of the woods.” 

“This is a nice find,” he exclaims. 

This particular mushroom “grows in the forests of British Columbia,” explains a B.C. mushroom guide. “It is known for its meaty texture and bright-orange-to-yellow colouring.” 

The guide goes on, “‘Chicken of the woods” is the common name for all edible Laetiporus mushrooms. The chicken of the woods species found in British Columbia are Laetiporus gilbertsonii and Laetiporus conifericola. Members of this genus are found all over the world and are sometimes called ‘chicken of the forest’ or ‘sulphur shelf’”. 

It’s good to keep aware of your surroundings while foraging. “There’s a bear, he just ran away, that’s why I have the pepper spray,” Bruni says at one point in the video.

The video was posted to the Youtube account Bruni Family TV, which is “a Canadian family of 4 who love to post videos about whatever has our interest at that particular time in our life.”

Written by The Skeena

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