‘Just Horrible’: Video Shows Man Recklessly Mistreating Salmon On Kitimat River

Teen makes video to inform people of proper fishing techniques.

A man drags a wild salmon onto shore, allowing it to gasp and flop around as he takes photos and then puts it back in the river. 

“There’s just horrible treatment of the fish and very small odds that the fish will make it to the spawning grounds, or just survive,” says Youtube user ​​kilb Outdoors in a new video he shot on the Kitimat River

The teen says it wasn’t an isolated incident. “I was previously fishing on the Kitimat River and I saw a lot of people mistreating the fish,” he explains. “And I figured what better way to deal with that issue than to make a video.”

He says the video provides a clear example of how not to handle salmon. But he also wants people to know the correct techniques. “I’ll go step by step of catching, landing, removing the hook, holding the fish, how to ethically take a picture and to make sure that fish successfully makes it to its spawning grounds,” he says.  

Watch the video here

Written by The Skeena

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