Check Out This Rare Daytime Video Footage Of A Lynx Near Kitimat

The footage is from late July.

The Skeena is full of amazing wild creatures but it’s not too often that you get to see a lynx up close and personal during the daytime. 

“Finally a decent daytime record of an adult lynx,” writes Youtube user alo len62 on a new game trail video he made in the Kitimat Valley collecting footage from late July and August. 

The first few minutes of the video have some great footage of bears and moose. But if you want to skip ahead the lynx section starts around the 5:20 mark. 

“The lynx is a medium-sized, short-tailed cat. With its thick fur, long legs, and conspicuously large, well-furred paws, it is much better adapted to extreme cold and deep snow conditions than is its close relative, the bobcat,” a B.C. government document explains.  

Some researchers think lynx populations could be moving farther north in the province due to climate change.

Written by The Skeena

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