Earth To Anti-Maskers: Local Retail Workers Aren’t Out To Get You

Maybe try a couple deep breaths?

With COVID cases rising across the province due to the Delta variant, people now have to wear a mask inside stores, restaurants and many other indoor places.

Locals have a message for any anti-maskers freaking out about the new rules: chill. 

“I just witnessed the saddest display of a so-called ‘grown man’ in Canadian Tire,” Sara Chris Albert posted recently on the Terrace Community Bulletin Board. “He felt the need to yell, swear and threaten the young employees with a shovel because he didn’t wanna wear a mask. To the guy who pretends like he’s got a high IQ…. buddy I’m pretty sure my little kids have a higher IQ and they know how to wear a mask.”

“The next time do your shopping online and pick it up outside and then you don’t have to be a big baby screaming at kids that are following provincial guidelines,” she wrote.

Albert said she’s not a fan of having to wear masks either, but she understands why it’s necessary. “It’s not about just you,” she wrote. “It’s about everybody else who’s too vulnerable and needs to have their butts covered.”

Other posters on the Terrace Community Bulletin Board agreed that anti-maskers need to take a few deep breaths and just mellow out. 

“Public service announcement,” Ferdelia Moore posted. “When you are going to a store and there is an employee standing at the door and their job is to turn you away if you don’t have a mask, remember: He/She is probably scared as hell to even have to be in that position. They have no political affiliation with this, they may even be against it. Last but not least, remember…they are considered essential. They are not collecting unemployment, and they have bills to pay.” 

The post adds, “please respect the retail workers. It is not their fault. I don’t care what you think about masks. It costs $0 to not be mean.” 


Written by The Skeena

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