This Foodie Says Rupert Makes The Best Halibut Burger He’s Ever Had

We’re getting hungry.

Oscar Poon has eaten delicious meals all over Canada. But a recent trip to Prince Rupert set a new milestone for him. 

That’s when he had the best halibut burger of his life. 

“If you can only eat one meal in Prince Rupert, order this blackened halibut elite burger,” Poon says in a new video posted to his Youtube account

He’s referring to one of the star dishes at Dolly’s Fish Market, a renowned seafood restaurant on Cow Bay Road.

“The burger consists of three layers,” he explains. “The perfectly cooked halibut fillet as a base, filled with juicy local shrimp on top, and finalized with Dungeness crab meat.”

Poon says the dish “ascended me into heaven.” 

Think he’s exaggerating? Guess you’ll just have to go try one yourself. 

Written by The Skeena

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