These Kitimat Daredevil Geniuses May Have Invented A New Winter Sport

They call it ‘ski-boarding’.

What can you do for fun when the pandemic is surging and it’s freezing outside? These geniuses in Kitimat decided to get creative. 

They took an electric skateboard designed to be used on rough terrain and tweaked it to work on snow. The result was a completely new winter experience. 

Aaron Hansen explains how the idea came to be: “Alan and I tried trucks with skis on the front of Alan’s new offroad skateboard. It worked surprisingly well and we may have discovered a new winter sport! Ski-boarding perhaps?”

Judging by the video they posted where they cruise easily down Kitimat’s snow-covered streets, this new sport, or whatever you want to call it, has potential.

“I was riding my offroad electric skateboard with 200mm * 50mm offroad wheels for comparison,” Hansen explains. “The skis provided more directional stability and steering response on the ice. The plastic skis got scratched and gouged from rocks on the road but still slid well.”

Written by The Skeena

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