Watch Two Lower Mainlanders Try To Define Smithers, A City They’ve Never Visited

‘I never made it quite out there.’

What happens when two Lower Mainlanders go on the radio to talk about Smithers, a city that neither of them has ever visited? Some pretty funny unintentional comedy. 

The occasion for this event was a recent radio show hosted by Curtis Pope, Music Director for the station Country 107.1 FM, that featured real estate agent Michelle Cummins

Cummins was on the show to talk about the most affordable places to live in B.C., and according to her, Smithers is number one with an average house price of $330,000.

That prompted a discussion between Pope and Cummins about what Smithers is all about. 

Pope admitted he’s not the most experienced person to weigh in.   

“I lived up north for a while not too far from Smithers,” he said. “I never made it quite out there, I went fishing near it and for whatever reason thought I’ll go to Smithers next time, never actually made it to town. I do hear it’s quite a quaint and pretty city, I’ve just never been there.”

“I haven’t either,” Cummins replied. “What they say is that it’s known for its top-rate ski facilities. I think they are really gung ho about making that a major thing.” 

Apparently the skiing in Smithers could be a bit better though. 

“People wanted to make their ski hill into more of a world class resort,” Pope said. “They wanted to compete with Whistler, Sun Peaks, all these resorts, and I imagine if that ever happened it wouldn’t be one of the cheaper places to live.”

“No it wouldn’t,” Cummins said. “But wow that’s a fabulous idea. That would bring a lot of visitors, a lot of people.”

Maybe it would even motivate Cummins and Pope to visit. 

Written by The Skeena

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