‘It’s Charging Nicely’: Watch This Guy ‘Fill Up’ His Electric Car In Smithers

This dude is definitely saving money on gas.

Charging your electric car is not quite the same as filling up at the gas station. 

It can take quite a bit longer, there’s no smell of gasoline and it costs peanuts compared to the sky-high gas bill that owners of conventional cars have to pay these days. 

But in many ways the experience is very similar, as this video from Smithers posted by Tesla Prince shows.

“You can see, it’s charging nicely,” he says. “When you go on a trip like this, make sure to bring your spare tire.” 

For more info about what it’s like to drive an electric vehicle in the Skeena and beyond, visit the Facebook page Northern BC EV Group.

And for a list of charging stations across the province, here’s a good place to start. 

Written by The Skeena

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