What It Looks Like When BC Search And Rescue Members Get Picked Up By A Helicopter 

A perfect landing from Tundra Helicopters.

A flight engineer lowers a Search and Rescue Technician to the ground from a Griffon helicopter. (Photo: Master Corporal Lori Geneau, 8 Wing Imaging) / Taken from the Government of Canada website.

When you’ve been out in the bush on a search and rescue mission, it’s no doubt a comforting sight when a helicopter arrives to pick you up. 

That’s the feeling that local drone operator Scoopeddad Drone captures in his new video, entitled “Searchers getting picked up by Tundra Helicopters”, which provides an on-the-ground perspective of a perfect landing deep in B.C.’s northwest wilderness. 

Tundra Helicopters has been “serving B.C. & Yukon since 1986,” according to its Facebook page, working in such industries as “Mining Exploration, Forestry, Fisheries, Oil & Gas.”

Photo taken from Tundra Helicopters – Atlin Base Facebook page.

The Atlin-based company also assists in search and rescue missions, recently transporting a crew across the Spatsizi Plateau to Iskut air strip.

Watch Scoopeddad Drone’s incredible footage of that flight here

Written by The Skeena

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