After Decades Of Flying, Owner Of Rupert’s Ocean Pacific Air Bids Farewell To The Skies

Ken Cote and his wife Mara are now ready to retire.

Ken Cote flying a C-GDIR,
Ken Cote flying a C-GDIR, which is a Cessna A185F. Source: Ocean Pacific Air on Facebook.

[This story originally appeared on The North Coast Review, a blog based in Prince Rupert that contains “items of interest to those living on the North Coast of BC.”]

A longtime aviator on the North Coast has announced his plans to step aside from the commercial industry.

“Happy retirement Ken.”

Commenter on the Prince Rupert Community Bulletin Board

Ken Cote took out a notice last week in the local paper to say that he’ll be selling Ocean Pacific Air.

The long-serving face behind the controls has been flying for 53 years, serving in a number of aviation roles during those five decades.

Captain Ken, also known as the “Saltwater Cowboy” in the North Coast region, takes advantage of the clear autumn weather for a scenic flight. Source: Ocean Pacific Air.

In his farewell, Cote said it was a difficult decision for himself and his wife, Mara Cote, to put their aviation service up for sale. But the pair said they are ready to retire.

In regards to any potential sale of the aviation business, they noted that there have been some tire kickers expressing interest, but so far, no closing deal has been arrived at.

The airline, which offered local sightseeing flights and commercial operations to nearby communities, ceased operations on Saturday, April 15.

“I recall so many trips flying the beautiful North Coast with you.”

Commenter on the Prince Rupert Community Bulletin Board

That leaves Inland Air as the region’s sole remaining float plane operator. 

Thulme Falls, located in Quottoon Inlet, British Columbia, is a waterfall on the Thulme River. The region, known to the Coast Tsimshian as K’ala Kwtuun, is an area of significant traditional use. Source: Ocean Pacific Air.

“Happy retirement Ken,” one commenter wrote on the Prince Rupert Community Bulletin Board. “I recall so many trips flying the beautiful North Coast with you.”

Updates on Ken and Mara’s sale plans will likely be found on their social media page.

Written by The Skeena

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